A couple of weekends ago I planted some seeds in trays inside and they just started sprouting a few days ago!



My space is limited so I try to stick to things I can eat. My Oregano and Mint survived from last year so I’ve started seeds in Thyme, Rosemary and Basi,l as well as Lavender because I think it should be easy to grow in this climate. I’m hoping to also get some tomatoes in later in the year once I get some more pots or dig over a bed. We rent our apartment and the garden is shared so I’m still trying to decide how much effort and money I should put into it.

I’ve also got a couple of pots of Coriander/Cilantro which I’m planning on rotating out. Even the slow bolting varieties seem to go to seed before I get round to cooking with it (although I’ve heard keeping it cold can help so I’m keeping them in the kitchen now) so I’m going to plant a new pot of seeds every few weeks so I should have some ready (hopefully) most of the time.

On a side note, metallic Sharpies work really well for labeling dark plant pots šŸ™‚

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