Sitting in a field

I nearly called this whole blog ‘Sitting in a field’

When my friends like to make fun of my slightly unconventional childhood, that’s the phrase they use to describe it.

It’s not strictly true but I did spend a lot of time outside: going for walks, riding my bike, gardening, reading and taking care of my horse. By comparison I spent very little time on some of the other activities they enjoyed: watching television and playing video games.

Not once have I ever really regretted spending my childhood that way.

In fact, I’m beginning to wish much more of my adult life was spent that way, and working out how to make it more like that. I find time spent outside, on my own, allows me to really think deeply, almost meditate. When I don’t make time to do that I start to feel stressed, rushed and out of control of my life.

It’s not as easy as it was. My parents also value time spent outside and in the country so we always lived in relatively rural areas. Now I live walking distance from downtown San Francisco! But I do live pretty close to the Golden Gate park and we have a shared garden in our apartment building, not to mention all the beautiful scenery just a short drive outside the city, so I’m sure I can make it happen!IMG_8875

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