Bird Themed Baby Shower

I didn’t find time to post last week because I have so many projects in the works right now. One of them happened yesterday and was this baby shower myself and 2 friends threw for another of our friends who is expecting twins!


We chose a birdie theme because it has special meaning to the mom-to-be and we also figured it would be easy to do with Easter just around the corner.

IMG_0141The colour scheme was also super easy to pick because our friend loves black and white, so we just threw in some orangey-yellow (yellow enough to avoid making it look too much like Halloween) for some colour.

IMG_0137We added bird-shaped food and decorations in abundance along with these chocolate cornflake nests. However, it seemed like we had gathered a very health-conscious group of people because it was the raw veggies that were devoured quickest!

IMG_0122I couldn’t resist these adorable bird houses from Michael’s. I gave them a paint job (with a stencil for the roof) and hot-glued those adorable little birdies in place (also from Michael’s). Wherever possible we tried to have 2 of everything to follow through with the twins theme.


This homemade diaper cake was the crowning glory, decorated with ribbon, tiny chicks and a birdie sign on top!

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