Garden Update

In April I showed you the beginnings of my little pot garden I’ve started so I thought you might want to see how it’s getting on 3 months later.IMG_1674

My tomatoes grew incredibly quickly into sturdy plants with lots of flowers and several green and rapidly growing tomatoes. I’m hoping a few will ripen and turn red very soon!


My Lemon tree is also boasting a few slowly-developing Lemons. It’ll be the first crop I’ve had from this tree so I’m really hoping they’ll turn yellow and I won’t find out I accidentally bought a Lime tree instead!


The Thyme and Lavender plants I put outside died but the Thyme I had kept inside a bit longer is now happily thriving outside, along with the Basil and Parsley. I’ve planted some more Lavender seeds and I’m going to keep them indoors longer this time so hopefully they do better when I finally move them outside. The Basil is actually doing a little too well and I let it bolt too far before cutting it back. However I made pesto with the flowering stems and it still tasted great.


I’ve also added some California Poppies (which are going crazy), Sage, and a Strawberry plant I bought because it’s too late in the year to grow from seed and still get strawberries. I tried to grow some Chives too but my kitten chewed on them and pulled the seedlings out by the roots so I had to put them outside too early and most of them died. I do have a couple still clinging to life so I’m hoping they might multiply on their own.


The avocado did not sprout and I’ve tried several more since then with no luck. I have one last attempt going right now which is looking promising but if this doesn’t work I’m giving up on that experiment.


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