Upholstering a TV Stand

I’m sure you’re thinking “Why on earth would anyone want to upholster a TV stand?” Well, it may have started out life as a TV stand but I bought it with a very different use in mind. What I really wanted was an ottoman or bench to go at the end of the bed so, at the end of the day when I get ready for bed, I have somewhere to put my clothes that don’t need washing. Currently I just put them in a heap on the floor. Yes, I’m too lazy to just put them away, don’t judge.

The problem was, our Ikea bedroom furniture is a very unique color (their grey-brown finish, pretty much only available on select pieces in their Hemnes range) so I struggled to find a solution that would fit in with our other furniture but not break the bank. After doing a lot of research and coming up blank, I eventually worked out that I could buy the matching Hemnes TV stand and then add some kind of cushion to make it more bedroomey.


I bought some 2″ thick foam and some upholstery fabric from my local fabric store, which worked out around $40. I chose a fairly neutral fabric so I can change my bedroom color scheme or put the piece in a different room at some point in the future. I’m thinking I may have use for it as a shoe bench one day.


I had already assembled the stand and we’d been using it as it was for a couple of weeks, so I unscrewed the top piece before I started. Instead of measuring it, I laid the section out on top of my foam sheet as a template, then used a bread knife to cut the foam to size.


A stripy fabric may not have been the best choice for my first attempt at upholstery because it makes it really obvious if the fabric is on wonky or is pulled taut in some places and not others. With this in mind, I laid it out carefully and duct-taped it into place first so I could make sure it was straight and even. When I was happy with it, I used a staple gun to staple all the way around, drawing from my (one-time and a few YouTube videos) experience of stretching a canvas over a frame, starting from the middle and working to the corners. The fabric did cover up a few important screw holes so I used pointy scissors to puncture a hole for each one before putting the furniture back together.

I wanted the bench to have space to put frequently-used bags in as well, so we have a place that is off the floor to dump our laptop or sports bags. To that end, I didn’t bother making up the drawers that come with the TV stand, instead I fixed the shelves to the bottom rather than half-way up.

I think it turned out well and so far is serving its purpose perfectly. As an added bonus, one of our cats has taken to sleeping on it overnight, instead of on my legs!





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