Naturally Sugar-free Desserts

Today I’m super excited to announce a little project I’ve been secretly working on! Well, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then maybe it wasn’t such a secret but I haven’t mentioned it here before now.

I’ve made a recipe book!!


I loooooove desserts but I decided recently to attempt to cut out or drastically reduce the amount of sugar I consume. I figured that meant no more desserts until I started to see “sugar-free” recipes online. It sounded too good to be true but, ever hopeful, I took a look at a few and sadly, it was. The recipes I looked at all contained sweeteners or sugar by another name, such as honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, fruit juice etc.

Chocolate Strawberry

But that got me thinking about ways to make actually sugar-free desserts so I dived into my kitchen for a few weeks and started researching and experimenting. I quickly laid out my ground rules – the only source of sugar could be from whole fruit and I would make sure the desserts still taste nice by including dairy products where necessary. After a successful experiment with a blackberry apple strudel (I’ll share that recipe with you in my next post) I decided that refined grains were also out, so all the recipes are also gluten-free. In a few cases I’ve used nut flours and there is one recipe with rolled oats.

Pineapple Donut

There are 6 recipes in the book – sugar-free desserts are not an easy thing to develop and I really wanted to get a few recipes out there to get an idea for how popular they would be, before I start work on some new ones.

You can download the book here. It’s completely free but if you do like it there is a way for you to pay what you think it’s worth to you. If you try out any recipes, please do share pictures with me, I want to see. You can tag them #justfruit on social media or leave them in the comments here.

I hope you enjoy them!

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