Sugar Free Blackberry Apple Strudel

As promised, this is the sugar-free recipe I developed for Blackberry Apple Strudel while working on my sugar-free desserts cookbook. The only reason this recipe didn’t make it into the final version is because I decided a sugar-free book should also be free of refined carbs like white wheat flour. If you’re not that strict or for an occasional treat, this strudel is still a healthier take on most desserts.IMG_2043

This is hardly even a recipe, you really don’t need to worry about being precise with your quantities. You’ll want to start with some puff pastry, either buy it or make it yourself. If it’s not already in sheet form, roll it out until you have a large rectangle about 1/4″ thick. Peel and thinly slice an apple (instead of using a tart apple like you would normally for baking, you’ll probably want a sweeter variety to compensate for not adding any other sugar) and lay it out across the center of your pastry in a lattice. Melt 1-2 oz of butter and drizzle over the apple and sprinkle evenly with a teaspoon each of nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice or mixed spice. If you’re a real cinnamon lover you should be careful not to put too much cinnamon on because it can be very bitter without sugar to balance it out.IMG_2031

On top of the apple, place a layer of whole or halved blackberries (or you could use any other sweet berries) and then fold one side of the pastry over your filling. Use milk or beaten egg to brush the top so the other half sticks to it when you fold that over on top. Finally, brush the top with more milk or egg and sprinkle with another round of spices. Bake at 350F for about 20 minutes until the pastry rises and turns golden-brown. Serve with cream or mascarpone. Yum! If you’d like to try the rest of my sugar-free desserts, you can download the book here.


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