The Best Cheddar in America

Cheese has always been one of my favorite foods. An extremely picky eater as a child, cheese was definitely on the list of foods I would eat although, at that time, mild cheddar was the only cheese I would consider eating. My tastebuds have definitely evolved and I’ll now happily devour many types of cheese, as long as it’s not blue, but cheddar remains my staple. In fact, I still get taken aback when I describe a recipe to an American as containing ‘cheese’ and they’ll ask ‘what type?’ What do you mean what type!? In my world ‘cheese’ means ‘cheddar’ unless otherwise specified.

Cheddar Gorge, where cheddar originates, taken when I visited in 2006

Cheddar Gorge, where cheddar originates, taken when I visited in 2006

Moving to America put a definite crimp on my cheddar-eating habits though. At any supermarket in the UK I would have the option to purchase several different types of cheddar, ranging from the cheapest, artificially flavored crap to a pretty delicious variety you could happily munch on without accompaniment. And even the cheapest block of cheddar would still taste nicer than the most expensive piece you could find at a regular American supermarket! This was a problem for me. I tried all the cheeses in an attempt to find anything that would work. Even the imported ones from Ireland and Britain weren’t great. Eventually I accepted that if I wanted nice cheddar, I would have to buy it from a fancier store. Fortunately, in San Francisco, there are many pricier grocery stores and I’ve found great cheddar at BiRite, Whole Foods and Andronico’s. The one that takes the crown though, the one I can just keep eating, on its own, until the whole block is gone, is from Falleti’s  and it’s Beecher’s Flagship.

You can read about Beecher’s history and mission on their website and it pretty instantly becomes obvious how they’ve managed to create such an amazing cheese. A passion for cheese, a commitment to sourcing the best ingredients, and a transparency of process, such that consumers can literally go and watch every stage of production. I highly recommend you get some and nom it, it’ll go wonderfully with Christmas cake!

Beecher's Flagship Cheddar

(This is not a sponsored post, I just really love cheese!)

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