And the rain came down

We don’t get much rain in San Francisco but last winter it was particularly dry and California has been in drought all year. This last 2 weeks the weather seems to have been attempting to make up for it by dropping this year’s and last year’s rain (or at least it seems that way!) Happy as I am that we are finally getting this much needed water, when it rains for most of every day it gets a bit depressing. Thankfully it predictably stops for a few hours around midday so I’ve been making the most of that window to run outdoor errands and one day I dashed outside to snap a few photos and try out my new camera lens.

My new lens (Canon 50mm) is a much smaller and lighter lens whilst still having the high image quality of a prime lens so I bought it to take on vacation instead of my usual lens (Tamron 90mm). I’m also hoping the new one will be better for food pictures because I won’t have to get so far away from the food just to get it all in-shot! However, it probably wasn’t the best choice for rain pictures because macro rain drop images are one area the Tamron lens really shines! I like the way these turned out though 🙂

The rain rain rain came down down down

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