A little sunshine

No matter how needed  it is, the incessant rain (which must have been going for over a month by now) is definitely dampening my spirits. Luckily in the last 10 days I escaped the worst of it (flooding and power outages) and got to refill my sunshine meter on a trip to Cancun. I’ve never been to Mexico or the Caribbean so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but we chose the destination based on the combination of sunshine and a relaxing resort environment with cultural activities available as well.

As it turned out, Cancun turned out to be exactly that. The town itself seems to exist solely for tourists (and is angling to be the Vegas of Mexico, not something we anticipated), consisting of hotels, beaches, nightclubs and shopping malls. The beaches are stunning and the ocean was warm, much warmer than the pool, though sadly it was too choppy to swim while we were there. The main beach is separated from the mainland by a huge lagoon, bordered on the other side by mangroves which are apparently home to alligators. As soon as you travel inland you’re pretty much surrounded by short jungle and the whole area is dotted with Mayan ruins.

We took an incredible trip to Chichen Itza, passing through the colonial town of Valladolid on the way, but the most memorable experience for me was stopping for a swim in one of the beautiful cenotes (sink holes). We also visited the El Rey ruins walking distance from our hotel, mainly because I’d read about the iguanas that live there. At first I was worried we might not see any but, as we walked further into the ruins and away from the other tourists we began to notice them. Their camouflage is impressive and they sit perfectly still and dive into their burrows as soon as you get close, so they’re pretty hard to spot at first but once you know what to look for you suddenly see them everywhere!

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