New Year’s Resolutions 2015


Well, last year I started this blog with a resolutions post. I knew I wanted to start a new blog and I really wanted to just get something out there to avoid the paralysis of perfectionism and not knowing exactly what to post. Since then this blog has drifted in a different direction and that post doesn’t quite fit with all the others but I like the tradition I unwittingly started and I want to continue it. Maybe it will pave the way for more introspective posts in the future or maybe it will remain a once yearly thing, who knows.

Despite not really being into resolutions and not giving that initial post even a glancing thought over the past year, when I looked back at it a few days ago I realized that I actually did make excellent progress towards achieving my goal. Whether because I wrote it down, shared it with other people or simply because it was finally the right time in my life, I have started to become much more aware of the food I eat, better at exercising regularly, and better at recognizing and taking time to provide for my emotional needs. As far as food goes I feel like the knowledge of what consists a healthy diet has just suddenly clicked for me and I’ve also finally become a less picky eater through experimenting myself at home, changing up just one ingredient at a time. Exercise too has finally clicked into place for me since I’ve started yoga, I just feel like it’s exactly the right kind of exercise for me. I enjoy the slower-paced classes focusing on alignment rather than an aerobic workout and I love that they work on both strength and flexibility. I’m sure a huge contributing factor to all 3 aspects of self-care has been the large chunk of my year in which I’ve had plenty of spare time, so one challenge for next year will be attempting to maintain, and improve, even when the situation changes.

Of course, I also want to set myself a new focus for next year. This one is even more vague and overarching, again it’s more of something to be kept in mind throughout the year than a specific goal to achieve. This year I want to work on letting things go. Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the desire to make everything perfect first time usually only results in not doing anything. The fear of how you might be perceived prevents you from interacting with anyone. And a single, tiny failure can prevent you from ever trying again if you can’t just let it go. It’s time for me to stop letting such things hold me back and I’m going to do my best to keep that in mind throughout the new year.

Have you set yourself any resolutions or intentions for the year? Regardless, I hope you all have a wonderful and productive 2015!

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