Vegetable of the Month – Butternut Squash

Since buying a butternut squash to make this pasta dish I was forced to find ways to use up the rest of the squash. That pasta dish was so amazing that I ended up making it a few times and each time I had leftover squash that needed using up. Initially I found this annoying but, as I experimented with new dishes and new flavors, I began to really appreciate how much that single vegetable was expanding my dinner repertoire.

In the hopes of continuing this dinner exploration, I’ve decided to pick one, in-season vegetable each month and challenge myself to find as many new dishes as possible in which to use it. In this way I hope to discover new flavors and new dishes, maybe even learn new cooking techniques. If you’d like to join in, I’ll post the vegetable near the start of the month and the dishes I cooked at the end. To share your dishes with me, you can use the hashtag #monthlyveg on Instagram and Twitter or post them in the comments.

Since we’re a little bit into January already I’m starting off with Butternut Squash to make it a bit easier. If you already have some great squash dishes, please share them and maybe I’ll try some this month.

Butternut Squash


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