Ready for Spring

I always get the unshakeable feeling that spring follows shortly after New Year. Back when I lived in the UK, this inevitably led to many months of confused frustration and depression; it’s not unheard of for it to snow in April there. Thankfully, now I live in San Francisco my weird internal clock isn’t so far from the truth and, even if it is still cold in February or March, chances are there was a warm, sunny spell in between.


So it should come as no surprise that I suddenly started itching to get back out in the garden earlier this week. After the incredible rain we had in November and December I’d only taken a cursory glance over the garden, removed the water trays from under my pots to allow them to drain, and brought in my Lavender plant which looked on the brink of death from rot. I can’t really see any of my pots from my windows so I needed to get back out there and see what had survived and, more importantly, make sure there weren’t any other plants in need of rescue.


I was pleasantly surprised to find most plants still clinging to life, although only my Lemon tree is looking truly happy. Unfortunately I did lose my Tomato to the rain and my other basil plant (maybe it was too cold out there after all?) so I’ve planted some new Greek and Lemon basil seeds indoors. I found my Thyme and Chives in dire need of some more space so I repotted them and decided to have a go at separating the Chives.


Whilst indoors the Lavender did recover a little and put out some new growth so I’ve put it back outside. The Parsley is exuberant, if a little yellow and droopy, and somehow the Sage is still barely hanging in there.


Interestingly one of the Strawberries is doing well and the other is struggling. The only difference is the depth of the pot they’re in so I think I’ll repot the one in the shallower pot as soon as I buy something more suitable. My Oregano and Rosemary both seem to be indestructible but neither are looking happy, hopefully they’ll perk up when it dries out and warms up. Finally, the 2 mint plants – Peppermint and Chocolate Mint – that I hastily shoved outside a few weeks ago got along just fine so I made sure to give them each a proper pot of their own.

This coming year I want to try growing a Cherry variety of Tomato instead of the Beefsteak I grew last year because they’re supposed to be a better fit for this climate. I’ll also be planting out my stratified Blackcurrant seeds next week, fingers crossed that deals ok with this weather too! I’d like to try my hand at some new edible plants too, if you have any suggestions, let me know.


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