Chilli Con Carne

Chilli is definitely on my list of comfort foods and I love how versatile it is – you can serve it with rice, in burritos or tacos, on baked potatoes or, my extra-delicious option, with nachos! It also freezes wonderfully so it’s really easy to make a huge batch all at once and keep the rest on-hand for when you’re feeling lazy.


I had never actually made chilli from scratch before, in the UK I would buy the Uncle Ben’s sauce jar and cook it into the meat. Once I moved to the US I discovered the powdered spice packets you add to the meat and a can of beans and a can of tomatoes.

As someone who generally avoids ever making anything from a packet I decided this practice had to stop! I found this recipe and decided to try it out, and it didn’t take any more time than using a powder packet. I used a yellow pepper instead of a red pepper for more color variation but next time I’d use a green pepper because I actually always like to add sweetcorn to chilli anyway (about 1 cup, frozen works fine, just chuck it in when you add the tomatoes). I also always swap kidney beans for pinto beans because I prefer the taste. Outrageous, I know!


I used to always serve chilli with rice but, after eating up some leftovers for lunch and just whipping up a quick batch of basic nachos instead, I knew I could never go back. To make the nachos, just preheat the oven to 250-300F and lay out a single layer of tortilla chips on an oven-safe plate. Cover with grated cheese (cheddar is my preference, of course!) and then add another layer. Bake until the cheese melts and just starts to bubble and crisp up on top. It’s not exactly a healthier option but it is a lower-carb option than rice.



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