Brussels Sprout, Pomegranate & Kumquat Salad

Ok, I realize today is the last day of February and this is the first brussels sprouts recipe I’m sharing as part of #monthlyveg. Part of that is due to the Oscar’s party and the fact that there seems to have been a lot going on in February so I’ve had too much other stuff to cook and write about. The other part is, well, the whole reason I decided to start this challenge in the first place. There’s a surprising lack of recipes involving brussels sprouts, other than hundreds of variations on the sprouts-with-bacon-and/or-onions theme.

But don’t worry. I have been trying out brussels sprouts recipes, I just haven’t been creating my own so they haven’t deserved a whole post of their own. I will be including them all in the February roundup in a week or so.

This one, though, is something I did create, and a way of eating brussels sprouts that I never even thought of! I was inspired by this kale, sprouts & kumquat salad but I’ve made quite a few changes. First of all, I don’t like kale so I took that out. I’m also not really a fan of dressing, certainly not complex, mustard-based dressings so I took that out altogether as well. (That may have been a mistake, the resulting salad was delicious but very tart so I do think a slightly sweet dressing may be needed to balance things out.)

Since it’s a salad I don’t have exact proportions but I shredded some (raw) brussels sprouts and sliced up a handful of kumquats. Since I was skipping the dressing, I used sweeter pomegranate seeds instead of the tart cherries they suggest. There weren’t any fresh in my local supermarket so I actually used (defrosted) frozen seeds which worked surprisingly well. Finally I added chopped walnuts for some crunch and added flavor.

I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Especially the raw brussels sprouts which I was a little wary of. In fact, I don’t really like lettuce much so I may switch to using brussels sprouts as a base in all my future salads!


2 thoughts on “Brussels Sprout, Pomegranate & Kumquat Salad

    • No, I’m definitely not vegetarian but I am trying to rethink the way I cook by starting with the veg and treating the meat and carbs as a secondary thing. Vegetables are the best thing for our bodies and I’d like to be healthier by eating more of them. Pretty food seems like one good way to achieve that! 🙂

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