March Vegetable of the Month – Rutabaga (Swede)

How is it March already? Not that I’m complaining, the closer we get to spring and summer, the happier I get! I know February’s #monthlyveg wasn’t quite the success of January was but I still found it inspiring and I definitely expanded my brussels sprouts repertoire. On Wednesday I’ll share the full list of recipes I tried.


Now, on to March. This month I’ve chosen the rutabaga, also known as the swede. It’s a little less sweet than many common root vegetables, with an interesting earthiness that I find delicious in soups. However, although this (along with leek) is a staple in pretty much all my soups, that’s the only place I ever use it. So, I’m hoping to discover new and exciting ways to incorporate this tasty vegetable into my meals.

If you already have a favorite rutabaga recipe, please share it in the comments so I can try it out. If you want to join me in this month’s challenge, you can use the tag #monthlyveg on Twitter and Instagram to get involved.

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