February Brussels Sprouts Recipes

February’s list isn’t quite so long as January’s but I’m still happy to have broken out of the frying-with-bacon mold and found a few different ways to cook with brussels sprouts. This month I tried:

Adding onions to the mix. Not much of a departure from my norm but you have to start somewhere, and I was surprised by how much the flavor changed. I cook the onions and bacon fully before adding the sprouts, and then fry hot so the the sprouts start to char. This works as a side with pretty much anything.


This brussels sprouts, kumquat and pomegranate salad. Delicious and beautiful!


Pasta with brussels sprouts, parmesan and mushrooms from Serious Eats. This one is packed with different flavors, and better even than I expected. I used wholewheat penne because that’s what I had on-hand.


Chile, citrus roasted sprouts. I got this recipe from a lady who works in my local supermarket. Whole or halved sprouts, tossed in red pepper flakes, salt and lemon zest and then roasted for 20-30 minutes at 400F. Another side dish, this one would add some spice to a plain meal.


This brussels sprouts and sausage soup deserves an honorable mention. I didn’t actually make it because I don’t like sausage, especially not Italian sausage, but I made a version of it with chicken (nice but nothing special) and I really wanted to like sausage so I could try it properly.

Don’t forget about this creamy butternut, leek pasta recipe from January either. It works beautifully with 50:50 sprouts to leeks instead of all leeks.


Just because it’s not February any more doesn’t mean I’m going to stop cooking with brussels sprouts, especially now I’ve discovered the deliciousness of brussels sprouts salads. If you have any great recipes, please share them!

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