April Vegetable of the Month – Scallions/Spring Onions

Happy April Fool! I hope your day isn’t too messed up with pranks, or at least that they’re all actually funny. I hate pranks so I’m going to jump straight into introducing this month’s #monthlyveg.

I’m really starting to love this #monthlyveg thing now. It may be a little more of a challenge than I first anticipated but it’s a really fun learning experience.

Now it’s spring we can finally move away from winter vegetables and I’ve chosen something completely different (and associated with completely different cuisine) for this month. I call it a spring onion but it also goes by “green onion” and “scallion” and perhaps other names as well. I suppose in some ways it’s more like a herb since it’s usually used in small quantities to add flavor, you’d never want to eat a whole portion as one of your 5-a-day. Perhaps because of that, it’s super versatile and found in loads of dishes, so I’m hoping to experiment with plenty of new ideas this month. It’s also found a lot in Asian cuisine, something I’ve never cooked much of, so I’m going to take this opportunity to explore that a lot more.

If you’ve got great recipes involving spring onions, please share them with me!


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