Ham, Mushroom & Mozzarella Cheese on Toast

I’m very rarely inspired by lunch. In an ideal world I eat brunch and skip the need for lunch. However I was randomly inspired the other day based on the ingredients languishing in my fridge which needed eating up. I originally intended to include spring onions for #monthlyveg but I forgot so I have no idea if they would have enhanced the end result or not. What I got was so tasty I never bothered to make a scallion version.


I’m not going to call this a recipe. Just stick some ham on some bread (I used wholewheat walnut levain but I’m sure any wholewheat bread would work). Cover with a layer of sliced mushrooms and then some mozzarella cheese and stick under the grill (broiler) until the cheese starts to melt and bubble and turn brown.

My only problem is I haven’t been able to find any good, dry ham in San Francisco, it’s all got too much water added. This combined with the mushrooms leads to slightly soggy toast so you might prefer to toast the bread before you add the toppings and then again once topped.


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