Poppy Seed Rolls

Bread is not something I make very often. In fact, my experience of working with yeast stretches to 1 attempt at naan bread and school science experiments. The naan went well though and I had a recent craving for poppy seed rolls, which I haven’t seen in America, so I decided it was time for a 2nd bread-making experiment.


I used this recipe from Delia and I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was, both in terms of the ingredients and the process. Sure, it took a lot of time but that’s just the way it goes with bread.

I didn’t have any easy bake yeast so I mixed my dry yeast with the warm water first and gave it a few minutes to start frothing before mixing it with the flour.


In the recipe it says the dough should roughly double in size after the first 2 hours of proofing. Well my first batch didn’t increase in size at all so I decided to try another batch with a different packet of yeast. The second batch worked perfectly but I decided to bake both, just out of curiosity, and I was surprised to find the first batch turned out almost as good as the second! If you’re scared of working with yeast this is definitely the recipe to try!


We tried our best to get through all 24 rolls before they went dry (about a week before they were completely inedible) and they were totally delicious so it wasn’t hard to find excuses to eat more! I had bread & butter for breakfast and lunch every day and we had soup for dinner one night as well. I’ll definitely be making another batch soon!


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