May Vegetable of the Month – Peas

Peas don’t sound very exciting or adventurous, I know. In fact, that’s exactly why I’ve chosen them for this month! Peas were a regular feature in my meals growing up and throughout my student days. The fact that they freeze without losing much texture and then cook in 2 minutes in the microwave makes them perfect for all situations when you realize you’ve just cooked a perfectly good meal except for a certain lack of vegetables.

This month I’m determined to change that and experiment with peas taking integral roles in dishes instead of being thrown on the plate as an afterthought. I’ve also rediscovered my love for snacking on freshly-shelled peas. I’m seriously finding them more more-ish than crisps (potato chips) but I suppose that’s a good thing!

When I say peas I’m mainly talking about English peas but that certainly won’t stop me from trying out tasty-looking meals with, say, sugar snap peas. If you know of any tasty pea recipes, please share them here!



4 thoughts on “May Vegetable of the Month – Peas

    • Oh I’ve been meaning to experiment with spring rolls – the non deep-fried kind – they seem so healthy and fresh. Like a salad all wrapped up easier to eat. I’ll definitely try a version with peas inside, do you have a good recipe?

      • I usually have rice noodles, cilantro, mint, any shredded veggie and meat of choice. Hoisin sauce is a must. I call them fresh rolls. Hahaha. There really is no wrong way to make them. The rice paper is the delivery method of flavors you love!

      • Mmmmmm sounds delicious! I will try out some different combos. Fresh rolls is a good name for them because they really are full of fresh veggies.

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