Almost Strawberry Time!

In the last few weeks most of my little plants have suddenly started to flourish! We had a few weeks of good sunshine, and then the weather turned cold and cloudy, but I think those warm weeks were a wake-up call.

Strawberry plant ripening

It looks like I’ll be eating strawberries in a few weeks’ time!

oregano plant grown in a pot

My oregano has gone absolutely crazy since I repotted it.

potted herbs, basil, sage and lavender

My sage is finally starting to thrive and has really grown fast in the last few weeks. This picture was actually taken just after I chopped off loads of leaves to sprinkle over a roasting chicken.

I decided my new lavender plant looked large enough to go outside and so far it’s been doing well. Fingers crossed this one manages to stay alive longer than my previous attempts!

cherry tomato plant grown in a pot

My little cherry tomato plant just suddenly took off and now it really looks more like a bush. I’ve been nipping out the new growths at the base of each branch but I think this type of tomato is supposed to be a lot bushier than the beefsteak tomatoes I grew last year. I was also excited to see the first bud forming on it!

blackcurrant bush

My blackcurrant bush seems to be loving the conditions so far, it’s certainly grown a lot since I got it. My lemon tree blossomed all over but I decided to clip off all the newly-forming lemons because the tree is still young so I want to let it put its effort into growing bigger for another year.

purple chive flowers

My chives recovered and I even got a couple of flowers (which I used to decorate the bacon & gruyere quickbread I made last week).

onions grown in a small pot

The spring onions I planted out from cooking scraps seem to have turned into full size onions so I’m sure the pot must be too shallow for them. I’m curious to see what happens with them so I’m just leaving them be for now.

potted herbs, peppermint, chocolate mint, thyme and oregano

Sadly, not all my plants have flourished. My 2 mint plants are still hanging in there and I think they’ll be fine but they’re not exactly thriving.

parsley plant

My parsley bolted but it is a biennial on its 2nd year so I guess I’ll be sowing parsley seeds next spring!

herbs growing from seed. basil seedlings

My Greek basil really hasn’t changed much but it still looks healthy. Unfortunately a slug or snail just slurped all the leaves off my lemon basil so I’ve had to start a new bunch of seeds.

My violas had some sort of mysterious accident. One day the seedlings were looking healthy and growing fast, the next my pot was completely empty! No trace of green left anywhere so I’ve had to start those from seed again as well and I’m going to keep them indoors this time.

I’m also experimenting with an olive cutting taken from a neighbor’s tree. I think I chose a branch that was too skinny but I’m going to keep it just in case. If it doesn’t work out I’ll try with a thicker branch later in the year.

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