May Pea Recipes

I rarely say this but May actually felt like a month which went on for a really long time! Somehow, though, I still didn’t manage to try out that many #monthlyveg recipes. Still, the ones I did try were delicious, and many of them were so quick and easy I’ll definitely be cooking them on a regular basis.

I’d also forgotten just how tasty peas are, especially freshly-shelled ones as a snack. I got more hooked on raw peas than I’ve ever been on crisps! Sadly my local supermarket doesn’t seem to have them in-stock anymore.

I started the month with this fresh and delicious lettuce-free salad

Pretty salad. Peas, pea shoots, carrot and radish

Pea month just wouldn’t be complete without fish, chips & mushy peas

British food - fish, chips & mushy peas

I shouldn’t really have been surprised to discover that most pea-based side dishes also include bacon. The same was true for Brussels Sprouts and I guess bacon is a universal way to make things taste better! This pasta with peas and pancetta was very delicious, even though I used linguine instead of orecchiette.

Pasta with peas and pancetta

Pasta with tuna and peas is one of my go-to meals when I need something quick and easy, usually when I’m eating alone or if I need an early dinner before yoga. I just add frozen peas to the (wholewheat) pasta a few minutes before it’s finished cooking and then mix in a tin of tuna after I drain it.

Quick and easy dinner - pasta with tuna and peas

This chicken and snap peas dish is the only one I didn’t love this month but, to be fair, that was completely my fault. I don’t like my meals to be sweet so including sugar was never going to happen. I took out the vinegar as well, reduced the amount of red pepper flakes and added some carrot. The result was nice but a bit bland. (Duh!)

Chicken and snap peas


This pea, leek and bacon side was possibly the best discovery of the month. I decided to simplify the recipe so I could just cook it all in one pan with no need to add and remove things throughout the cooking process. I started by chopping the bacon and then cooking it until crispy. Then I added the leeks and threw in everything else once the leeks were cooked. The leeks weren’t crispy but it was still delicious, and so much less hassle to make! I served it with my potato gratin (without the beef).

bacon, pea and leek side dish

I also have a few honorable mentions this month. My friend suggested I make mutter paneer so I looked up this recipe which sounded good and I was all set to try it. Unfortunately I just kept putting off making it. Partly it was knowing that Indian food generally takes a really long time to prepare and I also wanted to make naan again to eat with it. The other problem is that I don’t like spicy food so I wasn’t quite sure how much to reduce the spice by. I do still want to try this recipe, sometime when I can devote a whole day to it, but it won’t be in May!

I also have to include my cottage pie recipe, even though I didn’t make it this month, because it’s so tasty and peas definitely improve it! It’s more of a winter food but peas freeze so nicely there’s no reason not to eat them all year round.

beef cottage pie recipe

Now I’ve rediscovered how wonderful peas are, I’ll definitely be cooking with them more, especially since they’re so convenient frozen. What are your favorite dishes to cook with peas?

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