Oregano Asiago Focaccia

My first real bread experiment went pretty well so I was excited to try again, but it’s a pretty time-consuming process so I had to wait for the right day.

Oregano Asiago Focaccia

I’ve been wondering how to use up all my oregano since my little plant exploded this spring and I came across this recipe for oregano and asiago focaccia. It sounded yummy so I decided to try it out. The timing works out nicely, too, because today is herbs and spices day!

Homegrown oregano fresh from the garden

I started by giving the oregano a haircut. I cut off a little more than twice what I ended up using in the bread because I wanted to cut the whole thing back to stop the middle from dying out. The rest is sat in a glass of water on my kitchen windowsill while I work out what to do with it.

Mixing up bread dough with oregano

Call me lazy (I am) but I didn’t like the sound of using 2 different bowls for no apparent reason so I just greased one large bowl and did my mixing straight in that.

Adding cheese to focaccia dough

I didn’t have quick-rise yeast but I just mixed my active-dry yeast with the warm water and half the sugar and allowed it to sit for a few minutes until it started to froth. Then I mixed everything together as instructed.

Oregano asiago focaccia ready to bake

Stirring in the cheese was probably the hardest part because the dough was, by then, one sticky lump that all moved together. I found what worked best was to sprinkle the asiago on any cheese-less areas I spotted as I mixed. I also used a bit extra cheese because… cheese!

Freshly baked oregano asiago focaccia

The rest was plain sailing. I did leave it in the oven a bit too long, because I didn’t hear the timer go off, but I don’t think it was more than a couple of minutes. The top was maybe a bit browner and a bit chewier than it should have been but it didn’t really matter, the bread is delicious and I need to find time to make it weekly! I know, I know, bread is carbs but at least this bread has some protein and fat in it, and even some green!

oregano asiago focaccia

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