July Vegetable of the Month – Mushrooms

June may have been a bit of a disaster when it came to #monthlyveg (more details in my June roundup post) but I’m not about to give up on it. May was enough of a success to make up for June (I’ve re-cooked 2 May recipes already) and I’ve picked a pretty safe bet for July – mushrooms.

Mushrooms already feature in my cooking in fairly varied dishes but they’re so versatile and add so much flavor, I’m excited to see how much more use I can get out of them! I guess they probably don’t really count as vegetables but they do contain valuable nutrients and I set the rules so I say they count!

As always, if you know any good recipes including mushrooms (any type), please share them with me in the comments!

Mushrooms - July's #monthlyveg on Handful of Sunshine

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