August Update

I suppose I was tempting fate when I wondered what could possibly go wrong with mushrooms for my #monthlyveg. Just 1 week later I put myself on a limited diet that most definitely didn’t include mushrooms!

So I’m here today to give you an update on my diet progress and also to let you know that I won’t be choosing a new vegetable for August.

Since I added wheat back into my diet it’s become much too tempting to cheat. It seems like wheat just opened up so many additional foods which often contain lots of ingredients in small quantities, or foods I was so sure had never given me problems in the past. Like pizza, cookies and cakes. I told myself that because a chocolate biscuit only had a tiny bit of milk in, it was ok to just have one. Because the pizza topping probably only has a little onion and garlic, and I’d never noticed an issue before, it would be ok.

Wheat, gluten, bread, pasta on

The problem is, I still haven’t really stabilized my diet yet. My digestive system feels a lot better than it did when I started this thing, and I am beginning to wonder if that’s actually as good as it’s going to get. Even a completely normal, healthy person is affected by different foods sometimes (everyone knows about beans!) so perhaps I am setting my standards too high by expecting to ever reach zero symptoms. Either way, it does make it that much harder to tell for sure if a food is a problem for me or not, which makes it even more important that I’m very strict about doing this as scientifically possible.

As far as #monthlyveg goes, I did start cooking a few mushroom dishes for my husband towards the end of July but it’s really not the same if I can’t try them myself. I still don’t know if mushrooms are ok for me to eat and I won’t find out by cooking up dishes with loads of other ingredients in as well! I could whip up a few more mushroom dishes just for the sake of posting them here but how could I pick a new vegetable for next month without even knowing if I can eat that?

So I’ve decided to extend mushrooms into August and I’m hoping that by the end of August I’ll actually have a good enough idea of what I can and can’t eat, to get back to cooking semi-normally again.

Since I’m also still super uninspired by food I’m going to cut back on posting through August, perhaps not even post at all. Perhaps without the pressure of writing for the blog I’ll be less tempted to cheat and I’ll be able to get back to a normal diet sooner!

Bread dough being mixed on

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