Continuing Adventure

First of all, I apologize for taking a slightly longer break than I anticipated. The fact is, I decided to go back to a full-time job so I’ve been busy with interviews and starting work at a new company! Monday was my first day on the community team at Coursera, where I’ll be working with volunteer mentors, supporting them as they, in turn, support learners taking courses on the platform.

Cocoa sprinkled into chocolate cake mixture

Although I’m extremely excited about this role (and company, and team!) there is one big downside. Coursera is based in Mountain View, not San Francisco, which means I now have a 2 hour commute twice a day.

Homegrown herbs fresh from the garden. Parsley, chives, mint and cute scissors

Although I do really want to keep this blog going, I’m not entirely sure how my new job and commute are going to impact it. For now, I’m going to avoid making any promises and I’m just going to post when I feel like I have the time and something good to write about. This means there won’t be any more #monthlyveg posts, although I’m sure food will continue to be a big part of the blog. Now that we’re moving into autumn and winter I’m also starting to feel the pull of crafting and DIYing as well. It’s not like I ever did any of these activities specifically for the blog so I’ll definitely still be doing stuff that I can share with you, just maybe not as frequently or regularly as before.

Snowflake cookies

Finally, an update on my restricted diet. Adding new foods in slowly (about one every 2-3 days) and keeping a detailed diary has really helped me to identify IBS triggers. I was even able to look back and notice that, although wheat is fine and bread seemed to be fine, eating a lot of bread in one day was not fine.

Now I’ve started work I’m completely reliant on the company canteen and snack cupboards for breakfast and lunch and, right now at least, I don’t have the energy to cook dinner very often. So the diet has come to an abrupt and complete end. Although I hadn’t quite finished comparing fruits and vegetables with different types of FODMAPs, I feel like I got a good enough idea to be able to build on without being on a limited diet. I’ve also found that cutting out lactose has made me less sensitive in general, and even less sensitive to lactose if I do eat it. My new commute also involves just over 3 miles of walking per day and I think the exercise is also helping to alleviate any digestive problems. (Although I’m now having shoe problems, but that’s another story!)

So, all-in-all, a success!

Roast beef

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