Recently my brother-in-law and his girlfriend came to stay with us so we took the week off work and spent 3 days with them in Yosemite National Park. It’s now the 3rd time we’ve been and each experience has been completely different. Our first visit was in June during a year when snowmelt was late […]

Garden Update

In April I showed you the beginnings of my little pot garden I’ve started so I thought you might want to see how it’s getting on 3 months later. My tomatoes grew incredibly quickly into sturdy plants with lots of flowers and several green and rapidly growing tomatoes. I’m hoping a few will ripen and […]

Big Basin State Park

I really wanted to get warm this weekend. This past week in the city the weather forecast has been teasing me with high temperatures which I haven’t actually been able to experience thanks to the constant, freezing wind. This combination has left me ¬†inappropriately dressed and cold all week, so I suggested a trip inland […]

Buena Vista Heights

It’s been a while since I’ve taken my camera out for a walk but last weekend I finally got some fresh air and discovered stunning views, Red Admiral butterflies and this strange and very spiky plant with green/orange fruit. The leaves were shaped like oversized Oak leaves but with spikes sticking straight up from the […]