Breakfast Hash (for dinner)

Eggs, bacon and potatoes are such a perfect combination it seems a shame to restrict them to just one mealtime. After all, add some vegetables and that’s practically a balanced meal. When I want a quick and easy dinner which doesn’t involve grocery shopping it usually involves eggs, and this came about for just that […]

Easiest Valentine Dessert Ever (Strawberry Nutella Galette)

When I say easy, I mean on a par with making toast. With fruit. It seems, to qualify as appropriate for Valentine’s day these days, something must be red or pink, heart-shaped, and involve chocolate or roses. Well, this dessert has 2 out of 3 and, with about 30 seconds extra effort, could easily hit […]

Parmesan Pork

There’s this delicious all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue restaurant in SF (Espetus Churrascaria) that we like to go to for special occasions. They bring round a variety of meats on a skewer and carve off what you want. Most of them are steak (and that’s what we go for) but last time we went they also had […]